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Children’s First – Easter Visit & Egg Hunt

As the school bus pulled up to our promenade walkway, the young boys and girls scurried out and into a straight line ready for another exciting visit! Once they were off the bus, we escorted the children to one of our covered bridges to feed the swarm of turtles, ducks and birds that greeted us. The children were so excited and eager to make sure they fed every last turtle, duck and bird that came near the bridge. As the food dwindled, we then made our way into the promenade to see where The Fountains Easter Bunny hid all of the eggs. The boys and girls searched like detectives high and low for those eggs! Once the last egg was located, we headed into the Mangrove Room for some scrumptious sweet treats and coloring! From the coloring displayed by these children, we could see some future artists on our hands. To finish this lovely visit with the children, we all sang well known childhood songs. Once the last song was sung, the children all jumped up with excitement and embraced us with warm hugs. We were sad to see them leave this time, but eager for their next visit.

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