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January Artist of the Month

This month, we featured Jules Altenberg as the Artist of the Month specifically for his collage works on the Flim Flam performances. The Flim Flam performance was founded in 2012 by Barbara Cornell, Pat Beggan and Cliff Bermann. Their hope and desire was to offer some kind of theater performance because we have so many talented residents living at The Fountains. There are dancers, singers and theatrical performers that are wanting to showcase their skills. The group decided to host a “cattle call” to see who was interested in a show like this. It was a success, with 40 residents showing up to try-out. Once they had a script, assistance provided by Lyn Jacobson with this, they held a contest for the naming of the performance. Merritt Ludwig was the winner with his submission of “Flim Flam.” Ever since then, each year the show has been hosted and shows no signs of slowing down.

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