A Community Rich in Artistic Expression

Artists and those who appreciate the arts call The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods home. Residents flock to The Fountains because of its unique programs that cater to residents’ interest and hobbies.

“We often hear that residents choose Sarasota for the culture and The Fountains for our rich programs and calendar of events,” said Peggy Beasley, executive director of The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods. “We’re very attuned to the interests of our residents and our calendar of events and community reflect that.”

Artists express themselves in the Nat Krate art studio, giving like-minded residents a place to gather, create, and appreciate each other’s work. About 10 artists meet in the studio every Wednesday and let their creative juices flow.

“They built the studio for us after I moved in, at which point the artists started coming out of the woodwork,” said Lynn Jacobson, a retired interior designer and self-taught watercolorist who moved to The Fountains in 2005. “There’s quite a variety of artists. One person does pastels and quite a few use acrylics. Then we have one woman who built a ceramic table and another who does printing. It’s quite different and interesting.”

Each month, the work of an artist in residence is showcased in a display in the lobby during the month. Fellow residents gather at the opening and toast the artist with a champagne reception.

“We’re committed to creating an environment where residents thrive and I don’t think that’s possible without taking inventory of the interests and passions of each individual,” said Beasley. “Seeing them do something that they love is such a joy and it makes our jobs incredibly rewarding.”

An article was recently published on Tampa Bay Newswire on August 17th about our extraordinary residents living at The Fountains. To read the full article, please click here.

Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Newswire

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