Artist of the Month

Known as the man of a thousand faces, Sam Feder is July’s Artist of the month. An extraordinary man with an extraordinary life. Sam began his career in the Coast Guard as a Radioman 3rd Class in Atlantic City, NJ, where he met his bride. They are married 73 years. His life has been filled with many great experiences. He is licensed by the State of Florida as a Certified Nutritionist, has done public speaking and performed wedding and funeral discourses as well as selling shoes.

Sam trained at the Art Institute of Chicago and the prestigious Goodman Theater of Drama in the 1940’s. Most recently in early 2012, his latent creative juices were clamoring to be expressed again and “Recycled Art” began.

Thank you Sam for your dedication and instructional classes.

Sam Feder
Honoring Sam Feder

Sam Feder - Artist of the Month

Sam Feder- Artist of the Month

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