Associate Pumpkin Decorating Contest

One of the ways we celebrated this Halloween was with a good old fashioned Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Each department had the entire month to decorate their pumpkin with anything they desired. They were on display in the Lobby of the Town Center Building. Residents from The Inn and Town Center were able to view these pumpkins for two whole days. After the voting was complete on October 31st, we tallied up the votes and announced our winner. The winner of this years Pumpkin Decorating Contest was the Administration Department (pumpkin #3) with a whopping 32 votes. Nursing (pumpkin #2) was a close second with 27 votes and Housekeeping (pumpkin #5) was our third place winners with 26 votes. This was so much fun for our entire community to participate and we can’t wait for next years competition!

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