Bunker Hill Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting

After our visit to Bunker Hill Vineyard, we are one step closer to becoming wine connoisseurs! We visited this vineyard because it is 100% economically friendly. All of the wine bottles are re-used if brought back after purchase and consumption. The corks are sent to a factory out of state to help create cork floors. The wax around the top of the bottles to create the seal is re-heated and used again for more seals. Our residents were able to taste five different wines the vineyard makes and sells on site. The listing of wines included a house white blend, rose blend, sweet potato, coconut, lime and many other fruits or vegetable flavors. After our thirst was quenched, we took a tour through their “Wine Cave” where all of the wines are stored and created. All of the wines we tasted were straight from their backyard! Once the tour was finished, we were able to purchase any of the wines they offered. We as a community want to help reduce our carbon footprint and plan a return trip to give our bottles back to the vineyard for re-use!


Bunker Hill Vineyard & Winery

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