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Casino Family Night

Rolls of the dice horse racing, a spin of the roulette wheel, a hit, stand or bust in black jack or bingo. Pick your game, everyone is a winner at The Inn “Casino Family Night”. Family members gathered in the lobby for an unforgettable game night. There was laughter, smiles and great conversations everywhere. Residents enjoyed appetizers and refreshments along with entertainment by Shelly Torman, prior to the main course in the dining room. Another memorable event at The Inn, we look forward to the next family night in October.

Go back to Life at The Inn – Assisted Living


  1. Posted on 07/23/15 by Cyndie Voss

    Casino night was a lot of fun for my mom and me too. Everyone was in a “Vegas” state of mind. The meal served was delicious. My hat’s off to the staff for all their planning and hard work.

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