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Dinner On The Beach – April 2017

Our final Dinner on the Beach outing for the season was enjoyable and one for the books!

As we sat down at our tables on April 19th, the “Happy Half Hour” began. The drinks were flowing as well as the conversation. We were careful to not fill up on the delicious appetizers that Chef Paul and Chef Bryan provided.

Once everyone settled in with stomachs rumbling, Chef Paul introduced the first course of Caribbean Chopped Salad. All of us happy diners were left craving the main course – scrumptious Island Style Surf ‘n’ Turf. We were all amazed by the bright and vibrant colors coming to life on our plates. It was expressed that “this meal was just like a trip to the Caribbean for our taste buds!”

With refreshments still flowing, we finished the meal with a decadent dessert. Served up was a sweet and fluffy donut, resting on a bed of island-style fruit salad, topped with a key lime sauce drizzle.

The sun started to set as our bellies became full. Then it was off to Turtle Beach to get some sand between our toes. We all were impressed and very appreciative of Chef Paul and Chef Bryan for another fantastic dining experience on the beach.

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