Hitting Homeruns with Happy Residents!

As we left the Lobby to make our way to Tropicana Field, we were all decked out in our favorite team’s attire. Hats, jackets and jerseys. You name it, one of us were wearing it. The chatter during the drive to the stadium included who everyone thought would come out victorious between the two teams, the Toronto Blue Jays or Tampa Bay Rays.

Once we arrived and made our way to the seats, we started watching the teams warm up. Pitchers were throwing in the bullpen, outfielders were taking fly balls and catchers were making sure their gear was ready.

There was a hush among the crowd as the first pitch was thrown. Strike one! The innings passed, showing off the great defensive lineup the Tampa Bay Rays had on the field. By the bottom of the second inning the Rays had already taken the lead by one run.

The Rays scored once more in the eighth inning and ended the game with no errors defensively. All of us that attended were so excited that our home team were the victors in this game!

Many of us enjoyed the game and snacks at the stadium. If you missed this game, don’t worry, we will take you out to the ballgame again in the near future!

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