Hurricane Irma

September 13th, 7:00 PM – Community Status Update

Hello all,

We are so happy to still be operating on full power and thankfully, we don’t expect that to change. We remain “all hands on deck” and are extremely busy with clean up and details to get resettled.

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. Thank you also for placing your trust in us. With that I implore everyone to be patient as it will take time to respond to your replies to these updates we have been receiving. Also, wherever possible, please pause or reduce your phoned-in requests to be connected to your loved one, get a message to someone, or check in on someone specifically.

We truly understand your concern and respect your need to hear that your loved one specifically is doing fine. I assure you we are all safe and sound and encourage you to continue to check our Facebook page or the community website where we are posting general updates as frequently as possible. Unfortunately the days are packed with priority details which don’t leave a lot of time for posting. As we wait for phone and cell services to become more reliable, we sincerely thank you for your patience.

With thanks,
Peggy Beasley, Executive Director of The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods
Posted on behalf of Peggy Beasley.


September 12th, 10:50 PM – Community Status Update

The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods has POWER!

Hello everyone,

Please pardon the late communication but we are overjoyed and we just can’t wait to share the news. Power has been fully restored across our entire campus. That means full lighting, a fully operational kitchen and air conditioning. What a relief.

Thank you for your continued patience as we are still experiencing communication challenges. Land lines, cell phones and internet all remain spotty at best.

Thank you for your support,

Peggy Beasley, Executive Director
Posted on behalf of Peggy Beasley


September 12th, 8:50 PM – Community Status Update

Hello from The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods.

I am so proud of our team of residents, family members and associates. We all worked together as a family to make the best of a scary situation. We are fortunate and grateful.

We have been showered with thanks and kudos for all the communication and updates throughout this experience, so we will take this opportunity to provide details of our day.

Many resident cell phones are still not working. Restoration depends on your individual cell phone carrier.

The Inn
Despite the fact that 90% of Sarasota was at some point without power, our power in The Inn and The Gardens has been running full steam ahead on standard power.

The Inn and Gardens dining room will be open for service beginning with breakfast on Wednesday. Programming and activities have resumed.

Our phone, TV and internet are all currently down and we will update everyone when we anticipate restoration.

Town Center
We are celebrating our health, safety and generator power and anxiously awaiting restoration of full power. We had some bumps in the road with our generator in the Town Center but that has been resolved and we have guaranteed propane delivery every forty-five hours, which should more than accommodate our needs until power is fully restored. Florida Power and Light is reporting that SW Florida will be up and running by September 22 but we are hoping it will be much sooner.

We are still delivering three meals a day to every apartment. Residents have cheered the return of their beloved coffee and tea station and we’re all giving “cheers” with our favorite beverages. Programs and activities are beginning to resume and we’re planning an ice cream social by the pool to happen soon.

All residents are safe, but some are making the decision to stay with family who have full power and air conditioning.

The Villas
Everyone is safe and sound with full power. None of our Villas sustained major damage and we’re grateful for that.

Thank you everyone, we will provide another update as news unfolds.

Peggy Beasley, Executive Director
Posted on behalf of Peggy Beasley, Executive Director


September 12th, 8:15 PM – Coffee and Tea Service Restored


September 12th, 3:30 PM – Resident Update

Resident Laura Kennedy and private duty caregiver Ashley Johnson decided to pass time by playing a friendly game of cards at The Inn.


September 11th, 5:40 PM – Hurricane Irma Update

Hello from a tired but inspired team at The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods.

We are eternally grateful for all our blessings, most of all each other. Here is our update and we will provide another in the morning or as news arises.

Last night our residents were off cots and back in their own beds and apartments just after the Hurricane Watch ended at midnight. All apartments were walked for safety prior to letting them return. We found some screens torn on some patios and approximately ten windows had some minor rain leaks.

We are still on generator and it’s functioning normally. Florida Power and Light isn’t giving us any estimated ETA on us getting power. We have no AC, internet, phone, cable or wifi for now, in independent living. However, our assisted living neighborhood is on full power with AC. No internet, phones or cable at this time. We are watching movies, playing games and puzzles. Residents are happy and thankful.

We had three large trees that came down but our maintenance associates chain sawed them and removed them from the road.

We are still providing all residents three meals a day and delivering it to their apartments and villas. Life is coming back to normal hour by hour.

I am proud of our team, grateful for our outcomes and looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and support.

Sincerely, Peggy Beasley, Executive Director
Posted on behalf of Peggy Beasley, Executive Director


September 11th, 4:40 PM – Community Update

It’s a beautiful sunny day at The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods, where our spirits are even higher than our lakes.

Water levels are high but did not and will not reach our community.


September 11th, 11:30 AM – Hurricane Irma Update

Good morning. We are beyond happy to report that all residents and associates in Florida are safe and sound. They are grateful to wake to calmer weather, and for the abundance of food, water and supplies. Everyone is being well cared for.

At The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods we had an incredibly smooth – considering the circumstances – evening/night. Currently our independent living neighborhood is running on generator power. The community is in great shape overall.

We will provide an update as soon as we know more ourselves. Thank you for your patience and support.

Sincerely, Peggy Beasley, Executive Director
Posted on behalf of Peggy Beasley, Executive Director


September 10th, 11:45 PM – Hurricane Irma Update

Hello one last time this evening from The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods. The winds are now gusting at 40mph and we are beginning to carefully check for damage inside the community. We will not let down our guards until we are well past the storm and surge; we continue to take every precaution to keep everyone safe and sound. We’re grateful to hear that the storm is moving inland, weakening it a bit. As we wait patiently for the official word that we can move back to our residences, we’re getting as much sleep as possible for a productive day ahead. Everyone is doing well and spirits remain high. I am beyond proud of our associates and residents. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Sincerely, Peggy Beasley, Executive Director
Posted on behalf of Peggy Beasley, Executive Director


September 10th, 7:30 PM – Resident and Staff Update

Do you remember those little block parties you used to have in your neighborhood, usually at the end of the cul-de-sac, where everyone would bring a dish to share for the pot-luck or there would be crock pots full of warm chili and sweet corn bread? The children would be running around and the parents would catch up with their friends next door.

Well we’ve created our own makeshift ‘hall party’. The residents have their own little corridor patio set up. Paul, our Dining Services Director was singing Italian songs up and down the halls as residents noshed on spaghetti and meatballs. While this experience hasn’t been the most pleasant, we’ve made the most of it. And being together has made it easier on all of us.


September 10th, 3:30 PM – Hurricane Irma Update

Dear Residents, Family Members and Friends,

I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support and cooperation during Hurricane Irma. Everyone at the community is commenting on how organized and smooth our hurricane plan is unfolding. Residents are enjoying three meals a day that we are delivering to their apartments. We are frequently walking hallways and making sure residents are informed and doing well.

Annette Siegmon, Wellness Nurse, will be at The Town Center for the duration of the storm. Along with Annette, several associates have been designated as a first response or CPR team, should the need arise.

The Inn has appropriately staffed care givers and nurses. Both Paige Cohen, Program Director, and Jill Moreno, Director of Nursing, will be with the residents until the area is clear of the hurricane and reinforcements have arrived.

The Town Center’s hurricane shutters have been rolled down and are secure. When appropriate and during hurricane force winds, we will be moving all residents to the hallways of the first and second floors. Third floor residents with disabilities will receive the help needed to be safely moved to lower floor. Annette and I have met with these residents and/or caregivers and we have good transfer plans in place. Residents will remain in the first and second floor hallways until management determines it’s safe to return to their apartments.

The Inn first floor has been boarded and when appropriate all residents will be moved to the first floor hallways. Food Service is delivering every meal directly to the residents, regardless of their location. The nursing staff will remain with the residents throughout the day and evening and will see to their needs. Many of the residents and staff are having fun together playing instruments, cards and games.

As many lose power, communication may be spotty going forward, but know we are taking great care of your loved ones. In the event of phone disruption from Hurricane Irma, please call 1-888-694-4517, leave the full name of the resident plus our community name and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Peggy Beasley
Executive Director


September 10th, 2:30 PM – Resident & Staff Update

We are Keeping Calm and weathering this storm in our own special way. Layla, daughter of Paige Cohen, Administrator, learns to play the guitar with our resident Vinny.


September 8th – Hurricane Update

Dear Residents, Family and Friends,

Thank you to those residents who joined us at today’s Independent Living and Assisted Living Hurricane meetings.

With the current track, we can expect Hurricane Irma to be a Category 2 when it arrives in Sarasota. Sarasota County Emergency Management has issued a mandatory evacuation for zone A and mobile home residents. The Fountains is in zone C and is not being evacuated. The property is at an elevation of 15 – 17 feet, so a storm surge of 19 – 25 feet would need to occur before we would experience water intrusion into building. The county is expecting a 5 to 10 foot storm surge and 2 – 3 inches of rain. At this time, it’s expected that we will experience hurricane weather noon Sunday through noon Monday. This window of time could shift by 12 hours, either earlier or later.

Should you wish to evacuate to a county shelter, the below are now open.

• Atwater Elementary School, 4701 Huntsville Avenue, North Port
• Woodland Middle School (pet friendly), 2700 Panacea Blvd, North Port
• Booker High School, 3201 N Orange Avenue, Sarasota
In addition, two shelters will open for Sarasota County residents with special needs who have registered with the county. Should you leave the property for the duration of the storm, please let the nurse or concierge know before you leave the building.

As we discussed, Emergency Services are taken off line in Sarasota County when sustained winds are 45 miles per hour. Town Center residents are to dial 911 and press your PHB (personal help button) in the event of an emergency. This will enable you to receive the quickest response. If EMS is taken offline, the 911 operator will inform you of this. Annette Siegmon, Wellness Nurse, will arrive Saturday night and will stay at the Town Center for the duration of the storm. She will be equipped with a PHB pager and will be alerted immediately upon a resident pressing the PHB.

Villa residents are welcome to park their golf carts in parking lot 1 in the following spots for improved protection. D29-33 and 36, B6, C14 or C16. If you do this between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday, our valet can drive you back to your villa. Just call the concierge to verify the valet is available at the time you are driving over.

If it becomes necessary to move to hallways, you will need to either leave your pet in your apartment or place it in a pet crate and bring it with you. If you choose to leave it in the apartment, you could chose an interior closet for maximum safety. Be sure to leave food and drink for the pet.We have seven days of food stored in the refrigerators and freezers that are on generator back up power. We have an additional three days of emergency food, should the need arise.


Beginning Sunday morning, Independent Residents can expect meals to be delivered, either in your apartment or to the hallways.

I have included an estimated time line below, but please understand the times may change depending on the movement of Hurricane Irma. You should already have your bag packed with the following items. – Flashlight, pillow, sheet or blanket, change of clothes, personal products, medicines and pet items if needed. We will be providing food and water.

Now – Pack your bag and place in a location by your door. Ensure all your windows and sliders and shut.

Saturday, 4:00 pm – Tiffany Lounge closes, but hot hors d’oeuvres will be served from the lobby.

6:00 pm – Associates arrive and meeting in the Tiffany Lounge for assignments.

6:00 pm – Dinner Room stops seating. No wine service at the table, as we have limited staff at this time.

PM, after dinner – Please stay inside.

Sunday by 7:00 am – Villa residents arrive at the Town Center and proceed to the second floor. Check in with the point person in the hallway to inform them you have arrived. If you need a ride over to the Town Center Building, please call the concierge and someone will come get you.

Sunday– time to be announced – We will be knocking on third floor doors and instructing residents to move to the second floor. Please stay in your wing. For example, if you live in Seville third floor, please move to Seville second.

Sunday or Monday– day and time to be announced – We will knock on doors and instruct ALL residents to move to the hallways. Residents need to shut and lock their doors and bring their previously packed bag with them. At this time and for your safety, residents will not be allowed to stay in the apartments. We will have cots located along the hallways of the second floor. Each cot will hold two or three residents while sitting to wait out the storm. If you believe sitting in a cot will be difficult, please let someone know and we will do our best to accommodate you with a chair. The dining room chairs will be located along the first floor hallways for resident use.

Remain in the hallways and do not return to your apartment or exit the building until you are told it’s safe. Opening your apartment or exterior doors before you are told to, can result in a dangerous situation to you, your neighbors and the associates who volunteered to work during the storm.

day and time to be announced – When the storm has passed, we will inspect the exterior of the building and ensure it’s safe for everyone to leave the hallways. Please wait for instructions before going back to your apartment or outside.

As we discussed, this time line can change, based on the storm, so keep channel 195 watched or look for updated timelines in your resident in-house mail box. Please remember, your safety is our number one concern.

Thank you,
Peggy Beasley
Executive Director


In the event of phone disruption from Hurricane Irma, please call 1-888-694-4517.