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Independent Living Allows Flexibility – Letter to the Editor Published in Sarasota Herald-Tribune

The below letter to the editor was submitted to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, published on March 15th, 2017. To read the original publication, please click here.

Independent Living Allows Flexibility
As the executive director at the Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods, a senior living community in Sarasota, I was surprised and a bit disheartened to read the article about Dee and Don Kennedy’s recent decision to downsize rather than move to an independent living community (“Looking at the years ahead put this couple on the move,” Feb. 21).

While I respect their decision, the article made several points regarding independent, assisted living and memory care communities in our area that are not true.

Dee Kennedy stated that individuals couldn’t bring their belongings to their new retirement community with them. This is simply not the case. Most independent-living apartments can be fully furnished by residents with their furniture, art, photos and anything else that they hold dear.

The writer stated that both spouses are usually screened for the cognitive and physical ability to live independently. At the Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods, the level of care that a resident receives is up to them – no one is qualified based on what they can and can’t do.

If a resident prefers the size of our independent-living apartments, but needs home care for extra support, they are welcome to bring home care into their apartment.

For Kennedys, purchasing a 2,200-square-foot home was the best decision. However, not ever senior can, or chooses to, handle basic home maintenance hassles. In that case, the home becomes a burden that keeps them from living a fulfilling and active life. Independent living relieves people of that burden so that they have more time to do the thing that they love.

Peggy Beasley, Sarasota


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