October Artist of the Month – Maia Rubin

At The Fountains, we are enriched by extraordinarily talented resident artists. Maia Rubin is an artist craftswoman with the rare ability to see form and beauty in unusual materials. In her senior years, she has produced some of the best work in her career. The giant seed pods of the queen palm tree, hand dyed clothespins wired in flowing patterns, garden hoses and cable ties are just a few of the materials she uses to create her beautiful and non-traditional pieces. Ms. Rubin graduated from the Tyler School of Fine Arts with a B. F. A. and from Columbia teacher’s college with an M.A. After many years as a teacher and abstract painter, studying weaving and basketry sparked an interest in fiber sculpture. Can you guess how long it takes Maia to make one of her garden hose and zip tie sculptures?

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