The Player’s Kids Spring Fling Performance

As we filled the Town Center Lobby, we began to hear the pitter patter of Player’s Kids feet as they lined up for the opening act. Each seat was filled as we waited patiently for the performance to begin. One by one the groups of children filled the Lobby with their enthusiastic performances. We saw them sing, dance and smile throughout the night! Each and every child glowed as much as their outfits did once they walked in to perform. The Player’s Kids energetic teacher, Steve Vincent, did not disappoint the crowd either and made sure to keep the performance moving along without a hitch. The music and singing filled the air as much as the applause from the audience. As the Spring Fling came to an end, we were left wanting more. Steve was sure to announce that the Player’s Kids would return soon for another performance! Be sure to join us for the next one!

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