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Resident Estrella Clemendor’s Curiosity Moved Her to The Fountains

Moving to a retirement community means giving up little and gaining much.

“You are independent here that is why you call it independent living… If you don’t want to cook you don’t cook, I mean you don’t have to cook. That’s one of the things I like about it, I don’t have to cook.” – Estrella Clemendor, resident of The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods

You can learn a lot from someone who has been in your shoes. Their honest insight can help you navigate your way to the place that’s right for you, regardless of which community you choose. (All quotes contained in this post are excerpts from an interview conducted with Estrella Clemendor on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014. To read the full, un-edited transcript, please click here.)

Discovering a better way of life is nothing new to Estrella. As a Registered Nurse, she immigrated to America from Trinidad to work for a New Jersey hospital that recruited and sponsored her. “Oh yeah,” she recalls, “It was an adventure, you know, coming for the first time to America.” After making a career for herself, Estrella finally retired from nursing in 1993 and moved to the Essex House in Sarasota, her home for the next 10 years. One day, while volunteering at a Sarasota Senior Center, the question “What is independent living?” popped into her mind. The answers her friends offered piqued her curiosity. Soon after, she decided to start her next adventure at The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods.

Estrella figured if she didn’t enjoy life at The Fountains, she’d simply move again. As it turned out, she felt right at home from the start. “When I came here I liked it and I never regretted a moment. I mean it was just wonderful. Everybody was just nice,” she explains. Now when Estrella volunteers at Senior Friendship Center in Sarasota, she appreciates coming home to a well cooked dinner enjoyed with friends. She also serves as the Chair of the Housekeeping Committee and attends exercise classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. “There’s nothing that I cannot do here that I was doing over there [at the Essex House]… It is your home.” – Estrella Clemendor

Curiosity is the first sign of an open mind. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a retirement community, your best source of information is someone like Estrella Clemendor. She started out just curious, like you, and soon became a firm believer in a lifestyle that suits her well. “So I decided I’m in no hurry, I’m just curious and I decided to call some places and I called and made appointments. I think I made appointments about six places. When I came here and I was taken around and saw what was really independent living, I liked what I saw so I didn’t go to any other places… I must say it was inviting. And I have been here, as I said, nine years now and never regretted it.” – Estrella Clemendor

Estrella appreciates that she always has plenty of choices. For example, she can see a movie, go on a shopping trip or visit the Jazz Club of Sarasota. She readily admits that there are things she doesn’t enjoy, like playing Bridge, but having choices is what’s important. “That’s why they have so many different things: to please everyone. …If you want to go to the doctor the transportation is there. You know these are the things that count in a situation like this, it’s the little things that count.” – Estrella Clemendor


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