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Residents Donna and David Davis are Enjoying a Vibrant Lifestyle at The Fountains

Eventually the lucky ones see eye to eye on the advantages of retirement community living.

“My thing is change is good and when you can help each other do it, it’s much better. It’s much better to accept the change and you just have to accept that life changes as you get older.” – Donna Davis, resident of The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods

You can learn a lot from someone who has been in your shoes. Their honest insight can help you navigate your way to the place that’s right for you, regardless of which community you choose. (All quotes contained in this post are excerpts from an interview conducted with Donna and David Davis
on Friday, May 6th, 2016. To read the full, un-edited transcript, please click here.)

Donna is an artist who enjoys making pottery, nature printing and gardening. She takes classes at the Venice Art Center and enjoys studio time at The Fountains. David enjoys playing blackjack, doing crossword puzzles and working out at the gym five days a week. He’s in the men’s choir, the Shakespeare group and takes part in the annual FlimFlam show. Together, Donna and David enjoy walking the perimeter of the beautiful campus, going to plays and concerts and dinners on the beach. With their cat, Kiri, they enjoy a lifestyle where they can have all the privacy they want along with access to a vibrant community of friends and activities of their choosing.

David Davis is older than his wife Donna by more than a decade. They both loved their home in Nokomis and Donna especially loved her garden. When David’s eyesight began to hinder his driving ability, he was ready to move closer to town. Donna took some convincing. Two years after moving to The Fountains, however, she’s the one convincing other couples to do it now, together, while they can. “He was ready before I was. I knew we had to do it. Emotionally I probably wasn’t as ready as I was intellectually and I know I couldn’t have done the move without him and he couldn’t have done the move without me. And by the move, I mean everything from deciding to do it to deciding where to go, to deciding to putting the house on the market and what to take and all that.” – Donna Davis

By choosing the Classic Plan, Donna and David kept their dining options open. They can cook whenever they want, dine out at their favorite restaurants or join friends for a delicious meal at The Fountains. And that’s just the beginning of the choices they have at their disposal. “…basically you choose what you want to do and when you want to do it and there is no one hounding you to come do whatever. That’s what surprised me. I thought they’re going to want me to do something every minute and I don’t want to do everything right now every minute. I want to go into this gradually and so I really appreciated that part of it.” – Donna Davis

Upon their first visit to The Fountains, Donna was astounded at the beauty of the lake-studded campus. Equally attractive was the atmosphere, which they found warm and friendly from the get go. After attending two Discovery Luncheons, they selected their two-bedroom residence and were pleasantly surprised by all the help they received from Senior Movers. Their move complete, the transition to community living was much easier than Donna ever imagined. “Everybody that we met was very, very congenial and everybody seemed to be having a good time.” – David Davis


boca-ciega-bay-13DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT
Meet Donna and David in person over coffee or a drink in our Tiffany Lounge. Just call 1-941-306-3739 to set up a time. Bring your questions and get honest answers straight from the source.

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