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Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning: Global Issues Series II

The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods currently has between 20-25 residents who are attending the Global Issues Series II lectures at the Sarasota Institure of Lifetime Learning. The bus to these lectures departs on Friday mornings at 9:00am. Residents can choose to purchase a ticket for the entire series, or only a single day admission to a particular lecture of their liking. The lectures for January are as follows:

Global Energy: How Things Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways on 1/9/15 with Hon. Molly Williamson

Just three countries supply more than a third of the oil consumed daily worldwide. Hon. Molly Williamson explores: Russian energy – Ukraine/European dependency; the Middle East and the global market; the U.S. shale energy revolution; and environmental concerns – Jevons paradox, and “The Curse of Oil”.

The Rebirth of Al Queda in Iraq on 1/16/15 with Jessica Lewis

Al Qaeda in Iraq has gone through a resurgence. Renamed ISIS, it is responsible for mass casualty bombings, has taken control of parts of Iraq and Syria, and is now carving out its own territory and defending it like a state. Jessica Lewis will explore how it built its terrorist army.

Elections on 1/23/15 with Dr. Jerry Pubantz

Whatever the results of the November elections, the President must direct U.S. foreign policy. What lies ahead? Dr. Jerry Pubantz will explore how we will address geopolitics in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, rising tensions in Asia, and persistent Middle East dangers.

Europe and Putin on 1/30/15 with Martin Walker

Martin Walker contends that the Ukraine crisis and the feeble European reaction represent the most severe geopolitical confrontation since the end of the cold war and a new kind of warfare. The failure of NATO to pursue even the most basic responses could encourage Putin and others seeking to undermine the West’s international order and its central security institution, NATO.

For more information on these lectures, please visit http://www.sillsarasota.org/

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