Sipping on Spirits with Paul

Do you have any idea how bourbon is made? Our residents that attended the Sipping on Spirits with Paul presentation now do! A group of twenty residents were able to experience the crisp, smooth taste of Knob Creek Bourbon and hear the history of bourbon as well. Chef Paul allowed everyone that attended to sample this spirit, enjoy the fun facts of the liquor and went into some of the history behind bourbon. He covered many topics including what bourbon is made of, how it gets its sweetness, what type of barrels it is stored in and where it can be distilled. Each resident was given a packet of this information. Also included was a list of recipes on how to create the perfect cocktail with this specific liquor. The recipes included an Old Fashion and Manhattan with the Knob Creek bourbon as the main ingredient. At the end of the event, each resident was thoroughly educated on the distilling of bourbon and how to include it in their personal Happy Hour endeavors! If you missed out on this exciting event, don’t worry! The next Sipping on Spirits will be held in March and we will be featuring Vodka. Keep an eye on your calendars!

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