State of the Community

September 14, 2017

Dear Residents,

As is our practice of keeping you informed, we just wanted to give you a state of the community update, as of today:

  • All staffing is at a normal level.
  • Café del Sol will be open starting on Thursday for lunch.
  • Normal food service at the Town Center starts on Thursday.
  • Hot breakfast is being rescheduled for Wednesday, September 20th.
  • Throw away all food in your refrigerator – It is not safe to consume.
  • Please return any blue lanterns you may have borrowed from the hallways and common spaces to the concierge.
  • We request your patience with work orders as we try to return to normal. The maintenance associates are prioritizing community needs at this time.
  • We have experienced no damage to the community transportation vehicles.
  • We are unable to work on your computers. We suggest you call a computer repair company on the outside to check on any issues you may be having.
  • Comcast cable is now available to all residents.
  • Regular Community Life and Transportation schedules will resume beginning Thursday, September 14th.
  • If we have entertainers call and cancel, we will post a notice on channel 195, and on the boards throughout the community.
  • The Resident Town Hall Meeting has been rescheduled for September 18th, at 1:30pm. I will be on vacation, but the directors will do their best to attend. If they are unable to do so, they have committed to send an update on their individual departments to your President, Mary Pixley.

Peggy Beasley, Executive Director
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