Tie Dye Day

It was a creative and fun day for the staff and residents of The Inn. Our tie dye day began on Wednesday, March 22nd when residents tied and dyed their own t-shirts. Everyone used a different rubber band tying technique. After the dye was added, we used saran wrap to wrap the t-shirts until they were dried over night. The process took 2 days because they needed to be washed and dried before we could distribute them. Staff members also made their own tie dye t-shirts on the 27th. They used the same tie dye process and were given their t-shirts to wear on the 29th.

Our Actual Tie Dye Day was on the 29th of March, and we wore our beautiful t-shirts all day long. Our lobby was decorated with tie dye balloons and  residents & staff enjoyed displaying their creations while they posed for pictures. To add to our tie dye day, we made tie dye cupcakes with tie dye frosting and ate our delicious treats.

The Fountains is truly a great place to live and work.

Tie Dye Day
Video 1

Tie Dye Day
Video 2

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