Visit to Solomon’s Castle

As we trekked 30 miles east of Sarasota, we were getting eager to see the magical layout of Solomon’s Castle. We finally arrived at the 90 acre location in Ona, FL. As we walked up to the entrance of the castle, we noticed the glimmering outer walls of the castle. From every angle that you observed at the magnificently constructed building, you could see a different color!

Once our group was gathered together and our guide was appointed, we entered through the heavy castle doors. We toured each and every room of the castle and were overwhelmed with the intricate works of art from Howard Solomon – the castle creator. Works of art constructed from old beer cans, junkyard car parts, stained glass and re-purposed clothing hangers. One of our favorite pieces was the large elephant assembled from aluminum printing plates. The imagination displayed in every piece of work was extraordinary.

The tour came to a close as we passed through the massive Boat in the Moat and into the Lighthouse for lunch. Our tour guides joked that “they hadn’t lost a ship yet” because of their vigilant Lighthouse.

On our way back home, we all agreed that this tour was stimulating, tons of fun and well worth a return trip.

Solomon’s Castle

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